Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Jack'd Up Teaser [Now Online]

I am gonna keep this quick and short. First off, Thank you everyone for being a part of this project and making it come to life. It was YOU who helped ME, in order to get where I am right now. So thank you, and I hope I get to work with you guys in the future. 

We have made a Facebook page for "Jack'd Up" as most of you are aware of that but I just want everyone to join us there because we will be posting more stuff there than here. So see you there.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jenny's Got a Gun...

Jack picking up Jenny.
Hello Everyone,
I hope all is well and I hope everyone had a great Valentine's day. First of all, thank you all for coming this weekend and putting your 100%. Sunday, was a long day for us and if you all remember, I knew it would be a little hectic and a little crazier and it definitely was. We had to modify our story, our script and film on limited time. So I appreciate everyone’s effort and work. And I would like to apologize to everyone for taking too long or making you wait but Thank you for hanging with me for 12 hours and getting the task done BUT we are not there yet. We have lots of work ahead of us and as a UNIT; we can all tackle the obstacles and get through with this. Now is not the time to give up, it is the time to give in 110% and keep running until we cross that finish line. All of you have worked hard and has dedicated your time on this project; we are half way done...SO LET'S KEEP GOING and stand together, help each other and get it done.

Working together.
Right now, I am looking at the footage, the script and everyone's schedule and it looks like we will have to use two more weekends of FEB coming up. The weekend of the 19th and 20th & the weekend of the 26th and 27th. If you have any prior commitments or any concerns, please bring that to my attention now or forever hold your peace piece.

EXT. Train Station shot
So here's the plan for this coming weekend (19th & 20th) - President's Day weekend.
First I would like to know who is off and available on President's Day, which is a Monday, the 21st

Not your typical Baseball player

The plan is to meet around 10am on Saturday, 19th. On Saturday, we will film JACK INT. car scene dialogues and visit some known locations to re-capture some of the footage which is missing or did not turn out as well as originally thought. For example; we will re-visit, Jenny's APT. because we do not have her shot saying her lines "Have you seen a jack...ass". We will also re-visit the train station and re-film, JACK & JENNY arriving there and walking, to see the train timings, waiting for the train. That is all for Saturday. If we meet on Saturday at 10am, and start by 1030 a.m., we can be done by 3pm. This will not take that long and our AD & Production MGR (Yousuf & Ayyad) will make sure that we get done on time, so we can all go home by 3pm.


**Picture of the week**
Jackie getting beat up.
So for Saturday I would like to have:

1. Dave (Jack)
2. Kristin (Jenny)

3. Xmas (MUA)
4. Habib (DP)
5. Yousuf (AD)
6. Ayyad (Production MGR)
7. James (PA)

The Boss & Paulie, having a laugh.
Sunday, we are planning to film the flashback that takes place at night with JACK & JENNY, after the dinner. For that, I am thinking let's meet at 5pm and wrap up at 7pm. There's only one scene, nothing fancy. The location for the flashback would be Kentland’s in Gaithersburg (10-15 minutes from the Mall we usually meet at); I will have the address for you guys later.

For Sunday-
FBI finest. Agent Johnson.
1. Dave
2. Kristin

3. Xmas
4. Habib

5. Yousuf

6. Ayyad

Now, here are your options:
We can do this as it says above OR we can film all of this on Saturday and take Sunday OFF. Keep in mind, On Saturday, Dave has an earlier shoot that he has to do at 5am, so I don't want him looking all tired on the set when we film the flashback in the evening. Also, Yousuf has an appointment at 5pm, so he would leave us at 3pm. And On Sunday, I have an appointment from 1pm-3pm, therefore the reason to start at 5pm and work on flashback only. Email me your suggestions, and I will decide what is better for us. If we take SUNDAY off then I would need ALEX & JAMES on set for Saturday.

Wise guys.

Once again, Thank you everyone for coming in and helping us out. The photos that are posted here were all taken by Alex. 

Thank you Alex for taking such cool shots.

Thank you,

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Breaking a Leg...

Xmas doing make-up
Greetings everyone,
I hope everyone is doing well. As scheduled, we've started our filming (Production) on the 5th. A little rocky start but we managed to get through the obstacles and had a productive weekend. Which brings me to thank all of you who worked last weekend; you guys totally rocked everything and made it through the whole day. Posted through out this post are some shots that Alex took and emailed me.

Getting the camera white balanced.
Now, next weekend will be a little more hectic and a little crazier. Saturday, we are planning to film all the EXT shots (Road trip) to (Rest Area). Always keep in mind that a lot of things can change at the last minute, so be ready for it. On Sunday, we will start from (Warehouse/Chop Shop) and will visit (Rest Area) in the afternoon to film the fight scene there. This weekend, we will be filming around more actors and more scenes, more complicated scenes with difficult camera angles, so I would like to remind everyone, to jump in and let's help each other, so we can stay on schedule and wrap up on time.
Ready to Roll.
Saturday - We will meet on location at 7am, I will email everyone the address. We will film the "Road Trip part" which requires Jack & Jenny on the set - (Dave & Kristin). There will be a lot of moving around; First, Jack will get on  the road and head down to pick Jenny and THEN Jenny and Jack will get on the road to the REST AREA. So, the plan is to meet at 7am, set-up, get the make-up done & have breakfast by 8am. I would like to start filming before 8:30am and finish on time by 3pm. If there is a problem with the time frame, please let me know ASAP.

Taking a break
Sunday - We will meet on location at 7am, I will email everyone the address once things are finalized and if Saturday goes according to the plan. We will first film the Warehouse/Chop shop scenes, which requires EVERYBODY - The Boss, Jack, Paulie, Jimmy, Sam and Jenny and in additions (Couple Extras to play as FBI agents to bust in on The Boss). The plan is to knock the warehouse scenes, including the Flashback in the warehouse which includes; The Boss, Paulie and Jack before 12pm - so we can move to the REST AREA with Jack, Jenny, Sam, Paulie and Jimmy and film the scenes where Jack gets his butt kicked and Jenny gets taken by Mobsters. We can start by 1pm and hopefully finish by 3pm/4ish.

Going over the script.

Alright, Now Saturday - I would like to have;  

1. Dave (Jack)
2. Kristin (Jenny)
3. Ayyad (Production MGR)
4. Yousuf (AD)
5. Habib (DP)
6. Xmas (MUA)
7. Alex (PA)
8. James (PA) - [If you're available]

Filming the EXT. shots
 Sunday - I would like to have;

1. Dave (Jack)
2. Kristin (Jenny)
3. Chris Componovo (Paulie)
4. Mark (Sam)
5. Jimmy (Jimmy)
6. Chris Condetti (The Boss)
7. Ayyad (Production MGR)
8. Yousuf (AD)
9. Habib (DP)
10. Xmas (MUA)
11. Alex (PA)
12. James (PA)

Yousuf, our stunt driver.
Right now, that's what I have but I will post more and keep you guys updated with what's really going down this weekend.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call me or email me.

Thank you,

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Hello all,
Sorry for the delay, I've been super busy working things out for our shoot. Things are looking good, except for the weather. Saturday might be rainy/snow day but we are planning to film indoors anyways. Saturday, it will be Dave Glass, and the crew, including Xmas for the make-up on Dave. We will be filming the first scene on the script, for those who don't have the script, please do not panic, at this moment, you don't need it.

The first scene is about Jack, played by Dave Glass. Jack wakes up and finds out that he is running late to pick his girlfriend, Jenny from her apartment.

The second scene is a Flashback, where Jack has a gun, a stack of money, and picture of Jenny on the table, where he is smoking and drinking.

So, We will start on Saturday. There are two locations right now for Jack's apartment, one is in Kentlands and the other one is in Silver Spring. Silver Spring is the plan B and Kentlands is Plan A - I am still waiting to hear back from a friend to finalize Kentlands, so we can all just meet there. I will email the address to everyone and as far as timings are concerned; that is also depends on which location we get. Either way, be ready because lots of things can change at the last minute; weather, locations and such.

Below is the list of people that I will need on set:

1. Dave (Jack)
2. Xmas (MUA)
3. Habib (DOP)
4. Alexandra (PA)
5. Yousuf (AD)
6. Ayyad (Photog)

See you guys on Saturday, any questions or concerns, shoot me an email or call me.


***Once again, Quentin Tarintino's "Hell Ride" has nothing to do with our movie, nor he's paying me to market his stuff on my blog. It's just a poster being used until we get our own.***

Monday, January 24, 2011

Thank you ALL

First of all, Thank you everyone who came to the meeting. It was nice to meet everyone in person. I have to say that I am very excited to start this project and can't wait to jump into my Director's costume again. As discussed in the meeting, I have started a blog, to keep everyone in the loop with Pre-Production steps of this project.

Last night, we talked about the story a little bit, discussed locations, timings, wardrobe, food, cold weather, professional behaviour and safety on the set. I also asked you guys to email me your schedules by tomorrow, Please email me ASAP, so we can make a solid schedule and figure out where we need who, as we are entering the "Production" part of the project. We are still working some kinks out on the script, storyboard and working on to find our last location "Jack's Apartment". Once the script is done, it will go through an editing process which could take up to 48 hours but after that it will be available to you. Storyboards are also in the process, we will knock them out as soon as possible too. As far as our last location is concerned, we have couple spots in mind, we will check them out and let you know what happens.

Once again, Thank you all for coming and I am looking forward to an exciting mobster-ish adventure. Please email me: fawad213@hotmail.com OR if you have any quick questions or concerns, give me a call.

***Tropic Thunder poster has nothing do to with our movie, I just wanted to have a movie related picture with my text***
Fawad -